How it Works


You get to learn and apply the sales skills you need, from the comfort of your own home or office. Our online training system is designed using a combination of video, audio, text and carefully crafted questions, to help your team learn the art of selling or positive influence.

By using a combination of sight, sound and touch, we allow you and your team to learn the sales skills necessary to improve your ability to sell and then put a series of carefully designed questions to you, which gives you the opportunity to actually apply the knowledge and skills you have learned in the workplace. This online sales training system delivers outstanding results.

The huge advantage of the online system is that it allows your team to learn at their own pace. They can progress through the modules as fast or slow as they want. There is no pressure or overwhelm, to try to keep up with other people, who may be further down the road towards becoming a sales professional, than they are.

There is no time way from the office, zero travelling costs and as you incrementally learn the sales skills, you gradually progress and improve. There is no need for you to be away from your role of selling at all and so you do not lose any commission or valuable sales time. The program is work focused, so as you learn and apply the new sales skills, you actually get to use them daily to improve your sales performance on the job.

To give you a taste of the online sales training program, I have included log-in details below to the first section of the online sales training system. This section is focused on the individual and is designed to help you unlock your vision for the future, support you to believe in yourself and sets the foundation for the rest of the practical sales training program, which equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a sales super star.

Please follow the link below to view a video, which will highlight our online sales training solution:

Online Sales Training Solution Tour