Sales Team not overwhelmed with too much Info

This initial sales training process is conducted over 12 weeks. The sales team will attend 3 engaging and interactive, full day workshops, conducted once a month.

During each session they will be guided to adopt a few new crucial sales skills, or new sales behaviours to:

  • Enable them to optimise their ability to engage with their customers and prospects in a meaningful fashion
  • Positively influence them to see the value they have to offer
  • Optimise how they invest time throughout their sales day
  • Help them to build long term mutually beneficial sales relationships
  • Prospect and qualify prospects effectively.
  • Handle objections to their prospects satisfaction
  • Ask meaningful, engaging questions
  • Network more effectively, so that they can build a prosperous sales network
  • Get referrals from very satisfied customers
  • Ultimately close more sales


The workshops are designed to support, uplift and introduce the sales team to the sales tools and principles. The application of the material, however, starts after the workshop is over, when they listen to the audio books in their mobile university, use the online sales training solution and engage in accountability partnerships.

Audio Books

The sales team is supported with, CD recordings (audio books), which they listen to in their mobile university (cars), this supports them to learn and internalise all the sales skills, tools and techniques they need to learn.

Online Sales Training Solution

We ask for an investment of 30 minutes a day from each sales team member, to use the Online Sales Training Solution. This Online Sales Training tool, supports the sales professional, to further enhance their knowledge and understanding around the sales tools and concepts we want them to learn, but most importantly it supports them to actually apply the new sales skills, tools and techniques in their workplace.

Feedback to Leadership

The Online Sales Training Solution also offers, feedback the leadership team as to their level of participation and commitment of each individual sales professional. This feedback serves to keep the leadership abreast of progress, so that they can offer the team encouragement and support.


Your sales team is also supported with emails, which serve to remind them to take specific action and guides them on how to apply the specific tools they learned during each workshop.

Tailor made SMS messages, will also support them to remember to perform their new daily routines, until they become entrenched sales success habits.

We are here to make your sales tomorrow better