Antidote for Rejection (E)

Sales Training Properly Qualify your Prospects The first and most obvious method for avoiding rejection, is to ensure that you properly qualify your prospects before approaching them. If you know the value both you and your product or service offer and you discover, who in your market needs exactly that, then it is far less […]

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Closing the Sale (E)

Sales Training Are you one of those sales people, who is really great at selling or should I say. You are a champion at showing prospects, the features, options and even the benefits your products or services offers, but you struggle to actually close the sale. Could it be that you are not quite making […]

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Do you feel Energised or Drained each day? (E)

Sales Training  If we are all honest, no matter how amazing our lives and careers may be, there still may be certain tasks we wake up to, that we dread doing. If that is the case, then you may be engaging in daily tasks, which could be accomplished more effectively by someone else. Imagine how […]

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Sales Training  Leadership in any organization must understand that generating sales is not only the duty of their sales team. They too have an integral and crucial part to play in the process. How well they support their sales professionals and their sales efforts can very often be the pivotal reason why their sales team […]

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Who is winning in sales today? 


Sales Training After attending one of our sales training programs, you will be equipped to see that the sales professionals, who are winning in sales today, are not your typical by-the-book salesperson, doing the same old things the same old way, day in and day out. 
Winning” sales professionals “Step outside their comfort zones, become creative, […]

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Sales Tips to give you the Edge (E)

Sales Training I want to share a few simple, but very effective sales tips to help you to get the most from your sales day. This Sales Training program will highlight tips, which will support you to improve the way you utilize your available time daily and will help you to ultimately close more sales. […]

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