GR8 Sales

GR8 Sales is the the brainchild of Andrew Horton. Between 1992 and 2004, he was purchased struggling businesses of varying sizes. His approach to turn these businesses from loss to profit was simple. He firstly reduced costs as far as possible and trained the sales teams, to become more efficient, effective and productive, so that they could optimise their ability to achieve meaningful sales results.

In 2004, after receiving numerous requests from other organisations for support to train their sales teams, as they had observed the great results he was achieving with his own sales teams.  He decided to form a training organisation to meet the demand.

We Train Organizations Sales and Leadership Teams

This was a natural progression as Andrew has always had a real passion for adult education and saw this as an opportunity to combine his skills a a sales trainer with his passion for adult education.  Since 2004 he has changed his focus from buying, repairing and selling his own businesses, to one where he now consults and trains a number of organisations sales and leadership teams.

Training and Consulting Organisation

Over the past ten years the business has grown and in 2012 GR8 Sales was born. This consulting and training organisation, now focuses on providing sales, productivity and leadership training, to organisations throughout South Africa, Africa and has now expanded our vision to include the USA and Europe as well.

Seta Accreditation

All our sales training courses are SETA accredited. If you choose to have your sales training program accredited, then your sales team members will receive an NQF level 3 or 4 qualification. Please note that there are additional charges applicable to receive the SETA accredited qualifications.

We are here to make your sales tomorrow better