Are you trapped in the Sales Conversion Trap?

The reason most sales people struggle to close sales, is not because of a shortage of money or a lack of business, but  rather, because of  all the marketing and sales noise everyone is exposed to on a daily basis. Every business thinks that if they shout a little louder or a little more, than their competition, then they will manage to close more sales.

Nothing could be further from the truth

Shouting louder or more often, will actually only serve to alienate your future customers. This means that they will either disengage completely or they will just begin to ignore you and any further communication you may have. This sad state of affairs leads to that dreaded “SALES CONVERSION TRAP”. That dreaded place where great sales opportunities go to die a slow and painful death.

Position yourself to Follow Through effectively

With all the marketing and sales noise going on all around us today, it becomes really easy to become just another interruption to your prospects days. To become effective at escaping from the “SALES CONVERSION TRAP”, we need to learn the art of not just differentiating our product or service, but also differentiating the way we engage with each future customer.

Ensure that you never interrupt a future customer ever again

Break out of the “SALES CONVERSION TRAP”, by doing the following:

  1. Tailor your messages and communication to suite each individual future customers’ needs values and expectations
  2. Remain in contact with future customers (prospects), without interrupting them. (Add Value)
  3. Offer “Free Resources” and other value adds to your prospects, as integrated parts of your sales process. This will help you to keep the sales process moving through your sales funnel.
  4. Consistently keep adding meaningful  value to your future customers, whilst converting or closing the sale
  5. Understand the importance of business integration and how to become an additional resource in your future customers businesses
  6. Become a partner to your future customers, where you seek to integrate into their business and become an invaluable additional resource for them.

It is time for you to demolish the “SALES CONVERSION TRAP”, so that you can “CLOSE MORE SALES

Understanding what a sales process is

There are three crucial parts to any sales process, namely:

  • Searching and identifying future customers (Prospecting)
  • Completing the sale (Closing)
  • Creating an unforgettable customer experience (Wow your customers, once the deal is done)

Searching for new customers

Searching for new customers (Prospecting) has three parts:

  • Identifying your perfect future customer – Qualifying prospects
  • Connecting with these future customers – Arranging to meet with them, so that you can demonstrate how you will HELP them.
  • Nurturing deals – Moving deals steadily through your sales pipeline

I have spoken at length in a number of previous articles about how to ensure that you do not waste time prospecting the wrong future customers. There are also numerous articles around how to connect and meet with future customers. I will therefore not be delving into either of these in this article.

What is the Conversion Trap?

The “SALES CONVERSION TRAP” is the challenge most sales people face, when they are nurturing deals or said differently. When they are trying to move deals through their sales funnel, to completion.

It is that place where deals go to die a slow and painful death, because sales people do not have an effective plan or sales process, to consistently add meaningful value to their future customers, whilst they nurture each deal.

How do you mitigate theSALES CONVERSION TRAP

Action IdeaUtilise a powerful Customer Relationship Management tool, to support your efforts to keep deals moving through your sales pipeline.

To do this effectively you need to:

  • Rate each deal and evaluate what support or additional resources are required to either start or move a deal through your sales pipeline.
  • As you rate deals and the support and resources needed to keep them from stagnating, you have a powerful process that will keep deals alive and future customers interested.
  • Utilise your CRM system to support you to consistently carry out the crucial activities required to keep deals moving steadily trough your sales funnel.
  • Keep delivering meaningful value, as outlined in your Predictable Sales Process and you will escape from the “SALES CONVERSION TRAP”.

As you utilise your CRM system to consistently measure and monitor your consistent communication and value adds to your future customers, throughout your sales process. You will see each deal, steadily moving through your sales pipeline. This will help you to  mitigate or completely eliminate the “SALES CONVERSION TRAP”.

Stop Following-up and start FOLLOWING THROUGH

To break out of the “SALES CONVERSION TRAP”, requires a whole lot more effort than merely picking up the phone and asking your future customers if they have received your proposal yet. It requires a strategic approach, where you consistently look for ways to add meaningful value to your customers, by identifying innovative ways to surprise and delight them.

In the new age of selling, prospects are so pressurised that they do not have time to waste with prospective suppliers, who merely pick up the phone to ask them if they are ready buy. They want to feel valued and engaged and consistently shown why they should choose you.

In other words customers today, want to work with sales professionals, who are there to build long term sales partnerships with them.

Customers today want someone, who can:

  • Show them how they will integrate into their business and become an additional resource to them.
  • Consistently add meaningful value to them and their businesses, so that they can see how committed you are to form a long term partnership with them. This will also help them to evaluate how you and your organisation can support them in the long term.

Example ideas for adding value to your future customers

  • We offer to hold complimentary sales meetings, at our offices, for our prospective clients.
    • We include a one hour motivational sales keynote
  • We run complimentary half day mind storming sessions at our offices, to support our prospects to develop and document their “Predictable Sales Process
  • One of our customers involved in the motor industry, holds specialised car days, at their premises for future customers
  • One of our customers in the short term insurance industry holds Customer appreciation events, where they invite 50 of their top clients, to networking events, where they have the opportunity to network with each other.
  • Apple offers three months access free access, before you sign up for Apple music.
  • Software developers offer access to a limited version of their software for free, so that their prospective clients can test it before buying.

What can you do to consistently keep adding value to your clients, whilst you move each deal through your sales funnel?

Action Idea: What additional value can you add to your prospective customers, which shows them how committed you are to form a partnership with them.

Once you have these ideas documented, breaking out of the “SALES CONVERSION TRAP” is simple.

Success in sales today is no longer about products and services

It is about first showing customers how you can support them to:

  • Optimise efficiencies
  • Identify Solutions
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve profitability
  • Enhancing each customers life experience

Once you have earned your stripes and shown you can deliver, customers are then looking for a supplier, who can integrate into their business and become an additional resource to them.

Action Idea:How can you consistently add value to your future customers, whilst showing them how you will support them into the future.

When you can answer this question and find innovative ways to integrate into your customers businesses, you will have demolished the “SALES CONVERSION TRAP” forever.

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