5 Crucial steps that make your Sales Training “REALLY” Work

I like to think of “Sales Training” as being similar to dieting

  • Yes, you can try a crash diet, such as a one or two-day training program, which research shows, has zero impact after 120 days.
  • Or you can choose to try a longer-term diet program that measures your calorific intake over a longer period. I equate this to attending a sales training intervention, conducted over a few months, which research shows, has a marginal impact 120 days, after completion. 
  • Or you can choose to change your approach to food completely, where you change your eating habits, so that you get to make healthier choices, for the rest of your life. I equate this to engaging in a “SALES ENABLEMENT” training solution, which uses the methods described below, to convert the “Best Sales Practices” within your organization, into your sales team’s new sales success habit set.


This is a process of providing all stakeholders involved in your selling process, with all the tools they need to succeed. 

  • The foundation of “SALES ENABLEMENT” is to provide sales professionals with “EVERYTHING” they need to sell more effectively and to help them to build long term mutually beneficial partnerships with their customers. 
  • SALES ENABLEMENT” is all about supporting your sales team to become completely focused on the “BUYER” and far less on the sale itself.

Why is “Sales Enablement” Important?

An effective “SALES ENABLEMENT” solution delivers huge benefits, as it allows a large number of sales professionals within your organisation to achieve their sales quotas. 

  • This happens because you build a scalable, predictable and repeatable “SALES ENABLEMENT SOLUTION”, within your organisation, which supports every sales team member to operate optimally.
  • The great news is that when you develop and deploy an effective “SALES ENABLEMENT” solution in your organisation, you are no longer dependent on a mere handful of superheroes, to help you to achieve your organisational sales quota any longer.
  • SALES ENABLEMENT” plays a pivotal role in scaling your sales organisation beyond a handful of “superheroes”.

Predictable Sales Process

To support us to achieve a great result from the “Sales Enablement Solution”, we first need to ensure that you have a powerful “PREDICTABLE SALES PROCESS” in place. 

An effective sales process includes the following:

  1. All the phases a sale will pass through, from the first time a prospect is identified, all the way through to successful implementation.
  2. All the goals and objectives that need to be achieved within each sales phase 
  3. A detailed and documented outline of all the daily, weekly and monthly sales activities necessary to achieve all the goals and objectives, as stated above.
  4. Average time-lines each phase should take – a valuable tool for forecasting 
  5. Weighting percentages allocated to each phase and goal activity – a valuable tool for
forecasting success probability.
  6. Identification of necessary sales tools in the form of sales decks, research checklists, 
negotiation planning worksheets, marketing materials, and a host more, to help your sales team sell more effectively.
  7. All the tools and sales support your sales team needs to help them to acquire customers strategically?
  8. All the tools your sales team needs, to help them to create and nurture an unforgettable customer experience?
  9. All the tools and sales resources, your sales team needs, to optimise the velocity of sales through their sales pipeline
  10. Metrics and implementation tools to ensure the adoption and sustaining of the new sales

An effective “SALES ENABLEMENT SOLUTION”, will support your sales team to convert all the tools, techniques and best sales practices, into their new “SALES SUCCESS HABIT” set. In other words, your sales team will be equipped to perform all the right daily activities outlined in your “PREDICTABLE SALES PROCESS”, as if on autopilot.

Convert your “Predictable Sales Process” into your “Sales Success Habit set”

Once you understand what your “Predictable Sales Process” is, as described above, you need to then use a carefully designed “Learner Delivery Methodology”, to support your sales team members to convert it, into your new “Sales Success Habit Set

How does an effective “Learner Delivery Methodology”, work?

Step one

Trainees must complete an online assessment, which will generate a coaching report that will support them to optimise their sales personal sales performance, in the following eight areas:

  • Intrinsic motivation 
  • Character Tendencies/Disposition 
  • Ability to be systematic and organised 
  • Ability to understand “MY” value proposition 
  • Ability to communicate effectively 
  • Ability to ask the right questions and be attentive 
  • Ability to nurture long term mutually beneficial relationships 
  • Ability to perform the right sales activities daily

As each of your sales team members, works in conjunction, with their sales leader, they follow the coaching guidelines, as laid out in the coaching report. Over time they will get to optimise their own performance in all of the eight crucial areas described above.  

Step two

Develop an effective “Sales Enablement Training Solution”, as described below to, over time, convert your “Predictable Sales Process”, into your new “Sales Success Habit Set” 

  • One day Face-to-face workshops, spread between 30 – 45 days apart. These workshops, act to introduce your sales team to, just enough new “Sales Enablement Tools”, processes and sales resources, so as not to overwhelm them, with more than they can easily learn, engage with and apply on the job, in that time frame.

Step Three

  • Your Sales team, must also listen to carefully designed audio books, which support them to:
    • Have access to a resource, which they can use between workshops in their mobile university (Car), to enhance the learning experience.
    • As they listen to the audio book, it will help them to convert short term memory into long term memory
    • Listening to the audio book, will also help them to organise the knowledge in their minds, so that they can recall and utilise all the sales info, sales resources and all the “Sales Enablement Tools” effectively.

Step four

  • Between workshops, your sales team will need to engage with an “Online e-Learning” tool, to help them to unlock the actual daily sales behaviours they need to perform, to ensure that they achieve all the objectives, as outlined in your “Predictable Sales Process”.

Step five

  • Once they have Unlocked the right daily sales behaviours, using the “Online e-Learning” resources, your sales team then needs reminders to support them to perform all these activities, until they become their entrenched “Sales Success Habit Set”.
    • Willpower is a depletable resource, so unless your sales team, is reminded daily, to perform the new “Sales Enablement” behaviours, for at least 66 days, after they identify them, they will not develop a new “Sales Success Habit Set”, where they get to perform all the right “Sales Enablement” behaviours on autopilot.  
    • Reminders must be delivered as follows:
      • Accountability partnerships
      • Daily WhatsApp reminders
      • Email reminders
      • Weekly leadership coaching sessions
  • Read relevant weekly sales e-zines, to support the learning process 

When you utilise a “Learner Delivery Methodology”, as described above, you are able over a period of time, to:

  • Support your sales team to convert your “Predictable Sales Process” (best sales practices, with your organisation), into their new “Sales Success Habit Set”. 
  • This means that you no longer need to rely on the few “Sales Super Stars” in your organisation, to achieve your annual sales targets. 
  • This happens as your entire sales team will be equipped to perform “The Best Sales Practices” (Predictable Sales Process) within your organisation, as if on autopilot. 

Your entire sales team will have embraced your “Predictable Sales Process” and converted it into their new “Sales Success Habit Set” by using a “Learner Delivery Methodology “described above.

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