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Your salespeople will love the format of our 12 week Sales Training Solution and will most certainly benefit from the gradual long term approach to training

Adults Don’t Like Content Heavy Training Events

Tons of research clearly show, that adult learners DON’T want; content-heavy training events. Adults just can’t sit for extended periods absorbing training material. The research shows you’ll get high engagement and high knowledge retention, if you structure training events in segments, which focus on a maximum of six concepts at a time.

Sales Training Workshops

Each workshop the sales team attends are, effective, powerful and meaty. They are simple, engaging and interactive, but never simplistic. They’re designed to give your sales professionals, a highly-potent dose of targeted sales training, and then quickly get them back to their real job – selling!

Gradual Approach to Sales Training

That’s why our Sales Training Solution is made up of either a twice a month half day workshop or a once a month full day workshop, offered over either two or three months. This means that your sales team is not bombarded with a massive amount of information, during a one or two day workshop, which leads to information overload, overwhelm and little learning or application of the knowledge offered.

Our gradual approach to sales training, allows the sales team to actually learn, organise and apply the knowledge and skills they learned. They learn a maximum of three new concepts during each workshop.

Sales Training Continues Between Workshops

The sales training continues between workshops. During the 30 – 45 days between workshops, your sales team will be guided to listen to audio recordings of the principals we want them to learn, in their mobile universities (car). They will also be encouraged, reminded and supported to use the Online Sales Training Solution, to cement their understanding of all the concepts and tools we want them to learn.

Then by answering the carefully crafted application questions, contained in the online sales training solution, they are guided to apply the knowledge and skills they learn, on the job.

Support Materials

The support materials in the form of Audio Books, online training, daily inspirational messages, SMS reminders, email follow ups, positive affirmations, reminder emails, accountability partnerships and other supporting materials, make this process highly effective and excellent value for money.

Feedback to Leadership Team

Our sales training also offers the leadership team on-going feedback, which is generated from the Online Sales Training solution. The cost of this sales training will very quickly be covered by the increased sales your team will generate.

Sales Training Testimonials

Please follow the links below to see a few video testimonials from a few of my very satisfied clients.


Bio Andrew Horton

I am an international expert Inspirational Sales speaker and trainer, very successful entrepreneur, Positive Behavioural Shift Expert specialising in Sales Training. As a PHD student, I am researching human behaviour and how small shifts in personal daily habits, a few crucial behavioural shifts and the development of a success habit set, results in massive improvement to the outcomes you will enjoy.

I inspire sales teams to make a few significant and crucial shifts to their philosophy and behaviour, empowering them to Optimise their sales performance, thereby guiding them to reach new levels of excellence. Using my extensive business background I teach practical sales tools to support and inspire sales professionals to greatness.