Our objective when delivering our 12 week Sales Training Solution, is to:

  • Support your sales team to optimize their sales acumen
  • Teach them new sales behaviours
  • Turn new behaviour into into daily sales routines
  • Over time these will become their new “Sales Success Habits, which will enable them to perform all the crucial sales activities they need to perform daily, on autopilot.


Before starting the 12-week Sales Training Solution, each sales professional completes an online Sales Competence Assessment. The Sales competence assessment we have developed, explores all of the crucial areas necessary to perform as an effective sales professional and offers feedback, insights and coaching on the specific areas, where the individual needs support.

Crucial competencies

  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Character Tendencies/ Disposition
  • Ability to be systematic and organised
  • Ability to understand “MY” value proposition
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to ask the right questions and be attentive
  • Ability to nurture long term mutually beneficial relation- ships
  • Ability to perform the right sales activities daily

Learn new Knowledge

Your Sales Team attends three engaging workshops, listens to audio books in their mobile university (their car), engages with the Online Sales Training Solution for 30 minutes every day, receives support emails and a number of empowering sales articles, to support them to organize, utilize and apply the new sales skills and knowledge in their unique work environment.

Apply Knowledge

The Online Sales Training Solution contains an application section, with carefully crafted questions. These questions are designed to help your sales team to extract the specific sales knowledge and skills they need and turn these into new behaviours.

Develop Daily Routines and a Sales Success Habit Set

With guidance they are encouraged to develop new daily routines, which they are reminded to perform, by means of a daily inspirational message, SMS reminders and other sporadic reminder emails. Over time as they continue to carry out the new daily routines, they gradually develop a new Sales Success Habit set. This means that they eventually get to perform the desired sales activities on autopilot.