Black Friday 90% off Super Special

We are offering you an incredible opportunity, to get all the Sales training you need, at an incredibly affordable investment. Our 90% Off offer gives you the opportunity, to purchase our courses, at a never to be repeated PRICE. This special, runs, from Wednesday 25 November 2020, to Saturday 29 November 2020. All you need […]

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Sales Tip Thirteen

As you know, getting a meeting with a future customer can be quite challenging. It most often takes a number interactions with your future customer, either by phone, email or some kind of social media or networking process, to secure a meeting. To compound things, you have invested time to research your prospect and you […]

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Sales Tip Twelve

Time effectiveness, is about utilising “ALL” your available time, as effectively as possible. This means that you need to prepare the evening before, to make telephone calls, follow through with customers etc. When you do this effectively, you will gain a few extra hours each day.

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