Andrew in Action

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Classroom Based In-House Sales Training

Our Classroom based sales training is offered during either a one day or two day interactive, face to face workshop.

This one or two day sales training workshop teaches your sales team the crucial sales skills they need to improve their sales acumen, ability to positively influence their prospects and customers and up skills them so that they can develop long term mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

These workshops can also be tailor made to suit your specific sales training needs, if required. During these really effective workshops, your sales team will learn all the crucial sales skills they need to improve their cold calling skills, optimize their prospecting techniques, maximize their ability to get referrals, improve their ability to ask the right questions, build mutually beneficial long term sustainable sales relationships and ultimately close more sales.

My main objective when I present these sales training workshops, is to help all attendees to start to make the crucial behavioural shifts necessary ,to unlock the sales superstar, which is hidden inside all of them.

Sales Training Testimonials

Please follow the links below to see a few video testimonials from a few of my very satisfied clients.


Bio Andrew Horton

I am an international expert Inspirational Sales speaker and trainer, very successful entrepreneur, Positive Behavioural Shift Expert, specialising in Sales Training. As a PHD student, I am researching human behaviour and how small shifts in personal daily habits, a few crucial behavioural shifts and the development of a success habit set, results in massive improvement to the outcomes you will enjoy.

I inspire sales teams to make a few significant and crucial shifts to their philosophy and behaviour, empowering them to Optimise their sales performance, thereby guiding them to reach new levels of excellence. Using my extensive business background I teach practical only practical sales tools to support and inspire sales professionals to greatness.