How it Works

These “Sales Training Workshops” are conducted over in one or two days. These intensive very focused workshops will teach your sales team all the crucial sales skills they need to optimise their sales acumen, improve their ability to positively influence their prospects and customers and will equip them with the sales skills they need, to develop long term mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

These very “Powerful Workshops” are designed to support, uplift and introduce your sales team to the crucial sales tools and principles they need to optimise their ability to sell. The application of the material, however, starts after the workshop is over, when they listen to the audio book CD’s or MP3’s in their mobile university (their car), use the online sales training solution and engage in accountability partnerships.

The sales team is supported with, “Audio Books”, which they will listen to during their commute in their cars, they will also be supported with daily emails, which serve to remind them to take specific action and which guides them on how to apply the specific tools they learned during the workshop.

The focused “Online Sales Training Program” will also serve as an additional training aid and will give the sales professional, Andrew and the leadership team, feedback on their progress.

Additional Resources

  • A daily inspirational message is sent to each member of your sales team. This is an opt-in system that delivers an inspirational message right into the email of everyone that signs up on Andrews’s website. The inspiration or motivation may fade after attending my sales and relationship building workshop. This daily inspirational message is designed to help maintain the momentum created by the workshop
  • A Positive Affirmation CD. This CD is an audio recording containing positive affirmations. This resource is used daily to create a positive start to every day and helps to remove those nagging negative thoughts that flow so freely through our minds every day. When used consistently this CD will give you a positive start to every day and set the tone for an amazing day.
  • An audio recording (Audio book) detailing the concepts that are highlighted during the workshop. These audio books serve as a reminder after the event, to help the sales professionals to organise the knowledge they learn at the workshops and serves as another source of positive information to keep your sales team motivated and on track, after the event is over.
  • Accountability partnerships are formed to assist all sales professionals to remain on track. They are encouraged to support each other weekly, with insights, ideas and encouragement.
  • Additional reminders, such as twice weekly SMS messages, daily inspirational messages and sporadic email reminders are also offered to all delegates to act as a continual reminder to apply the new tools and techniques they will learn.