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As you know, achieving anything meaningful in your life, requires you to perform the right amount of activities, which are aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve, consistently every day. The best way to ensure that you do this consistently is to create a set of success habits that support you to perform these activities on autopilot.

How do you uncover your Recipe for success?

All progress requires change, but not all change results in progress. In a nutshell, what this means is this – As you build your recipe for success, some of the things you will try will work and some wont.


If you were given a recipe to bake a chocolate chip cookie, all the ingredients you needed and an oven. I am sure that you could read the recipe, mix the ingredients in the right proportions, warm the oven to the right temperature and ultimately bake a chocolate chip cookie. The same is true with achieving success. If you can identify a winning recipe for success and you followed it, you can create the success you desire.

The easiest way to uncover the right daily activities, which will help you to achieve the outcomes you want, is as follows:

  • Look around your world and try to find someone, who is achieving or who has achieved the outcomes you want to achieve.
    • Uncover what they do every day and do the same.
  • As you adopt their daily routines and habits (their recipe for success)
    • You will over time achieve the same or very similar results
  • Your circumstances may be a little different, so be willing to adapt and adjust their recipe, so that it aligns with your unique circumstances, thinking style and way of doing things.

Using this principal, I have studied 100 super achievers over the past 15 years and examined their daily habits, routines and ways of operating daily. This exercise led me to create my “WEALTH” plan, which outlines a powerful framework or broad recipe for ongoing success.

This recipe works as follows:

W – Write your vision down
E – Expand your vision
A – Absolute Belief
L – Life Long Learning
T – The Reason Why
H – Habits

Write your Vision down

All the super achievers I interviewed had a crystal clear vision of exactly what they wanted to achieve in the future. In fact it was so vivid, when they explained it, that they told a very detailed story, which outlined exactly what they wanted to achieve in the future. Their stories in most cases was so enthralling that, you felt like sitting on the edge of your seat and becoming an integral part of it.

  • Do you have a vision for the future?
  • How vivid is your “Picture of Possibility” (vision) for the future?
  • When you tell people about your vision, do they sit on the edge of their seats?
    • Does your vision inspire others to want to be a part of it?
  • Is your vision written down on a card which is accessible to you throughout the day?
    • Do you read your card a number of times each day?
    • As you read your card, do you ask yourself what action you have taken that day to achieve your vision?

Until you can answer “Yes” to all the questions above, you are going to struggle to achieve your dreams

Expand your vision

When you travel, having a detailed map is a prerequisite to ensure that you arrive at the correct destination. Success is no different. If you want to travel the path towards realizing your vision in the future, you need a road map.


The road map that you need starts out with you defining your GOALS. This gives you a broad understanding of the specific outcomes or milestones you need to achieve as you move along the pathway towards the achievement you want.


To refine your goals and to help you to break them back into more manageable bite size chunks. It is advisable to break each goal back into more manageable projects. These projects are smaller outcomes, which as each one is achieved, supports you to achieve the GOALS you have set for yourself


To ensure that you are able to finalize each project, it is crucial that you take the right action daily. Create a set of meaningful daily activities that are aligned with the outcome you want to achieve. Consistently take these actions daily and achieving each project becomes inevitable.

Absolute Belief

I found it rather interesting that every single super achiever that I interviewed – when I asked them “Do you believe that you will achieve your vision”? – Unanimously answered –“ABSOLUTELY”. Their Absolute Belief in the possibility of achieving their vision was infectious.

If you want to achieve anything remarkable it is crucial that you believe that it is possible. Until you do you will not be inspired to take the daily action you need to take to succeed.

Life-long Learning

It was truly remarkable to observe how all the super achievers, were completely committed to their personal development. Not one of them read less than 60 books a year.

  • What is your commitment towards learning?
  • Do you read every day?
  • Do you listen to audio books whilst you commute?
  • Do you attend at least 4 seminars a year?


One of the characteristics that really stood out for me with all the super achievers I interviewed, was their daily routines and habits. They had the most empowering daily routines and habits that supported them to perform all the right activities, they needed to take to achieve each of their projects.

Action Idea:

Explore all your current habits. Are they helping or hindering your efforts daily?




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