Sales Tips to help you Collaborate with your customers (E)

Collaborative SellingKnow your value Proposition

Before you can ever imagine integrating into your customers businesses, you need to have a crystal clear understanding around your own value proposition. You can never create a meaningful partnership with a future customer, unless you understand how to effectively utilize your product and/or service and your value proposition, to serve them in a meaningful way, on an ongoing basis.

Action Idea:

Invest the time to examine and explore your own value proposition.

Ask the following questions:

  • What does my product do for my customers in terms of the following
    • How does it improve their profitability
    • How does it help them to become more efficient?
    • How does it solve a challenge that they are facing?
    • How does it help them to reduce costs
    • What solution does it provide for my customers
  • What is my unique selling proposition
    • How is my product or service differentiated from my competitors?
    • Why would customers buy my product or service?
    • What could I do to improve my products differential advantage
    • How can I use my differential advantage to integrate into my customers businesses?
  • How can I already start doing business with my future customers even before they receive my proposal?
    • As an example I offer my future customers a free assessment, to support them to uncover the right daily sales behaviors necessary for their sales team to succeed.
    • This assessment serves a few purposes
      • It opens the door for me. I am already building a relationship with my future customers and my competitors have not even delivered a proposal yet.
      • It helps me to tailor my sales training to suite each specific customers needs.
        • This allows me to offer a 100 % money back guarantee, as I am certain the sales training will work.
        • Removing risk means that my closing ratio is far higher.
      • It supports me to get the info I need to help my strategic partners do business with my customers.
        • The results from the assessment help my strategic partner in the recruitment business to support my future customer with hiring the perfect sales team in the future.

Think Long term

I know this must seem obvious, but if you are intending to form long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with your customers, then you have to start to think long-term. From the moment you make contact with your future customers, show them your commitment towards creating a long-term relationship with them.

How do you do this?

  • During your first meeting with them use long-term language.
    • Use words like:
      • In the future
      • Long term
      • During your next financial year
      • As we grow this together
      • We are here for the long-haul
      • We will do what is necessary to build a partnership with you
    • Find ways to
      • Introduce new product offerings that support you to expand and grow with term into the future.
        • I have expanded my sales and sales leadership programs, so that I can support my customers with effective training for a few years.
        • I have formed strategic alliances with partners, who can continue to support my customers, even once I have exhausted my service offering.
      • Develop strategic business alliances with partners, who can help you to expand your service offering.
        • I have alliances with:
          • A Recruitment agency
          • An Appointment generation company
          • A CRM company
          • A Risk management company
        • Expand your product offering to support you to continually add value in the form of cross and upselling opportunities.

Qualify your Future Customers

The more time you invest into qualifying your future customers, even before you start to prospect them, the more likely you will find innovative ways to integrate into their businesses.

Action Idea:

Explore your value proposition and identify all the demographics, psychographics and other important criterion that make them a future customer a perfect fit for you and your value proposition.

Next look out into your market and identify 20 perfect prospects, who are as closely aligned to your perfect future customers profile as possible. Now you are ready to win business with your perfect prospect and it is far easier for you to find ways to integrate into their businesses’.

Your Objective is to build a Relationship

Approach every future customer with the objective of forming a relationship with them, whether you make a sale or not. Although it may sound counter intuitive to approach every customer not to sell something to him or her, but to rather find innovative ways to help them, the positive response from your future customers will be worth the effort.

  • Your authentic intention not to try to sell anything, but rather to find innovative ways to help them, will very quickly open the door to cooperation and they will begin to trust you and your intentions.
  • When you show a genuine interest in helping them solve any challenges or better satisfy any need they may have, they will warm to you and want to build a mutually beneficial partnership with you.

The future of sales success is found in collaboration and forming meaningful long-term partnerships with customers. Start today to find innovative ways to integrate into your customers businesses and form meaningful long-term partnerships with them. When you do this, you will never need to sell anything ever again. You will just get benefit from a great partnership, long into the future.






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