The right Attitude when selling is everything (E)

Positive ThoughtsAs Arnold Palmer once said, “The harder I practice, the luckier I get”. The same is true for sales. The more time you invest into practice the more effective you become and the easier it becomes to close sales. Another thing Arnold Palmer was famous for saying, was that “Golf was 10 % physical and 90 % mental”. I believe that if sales professionals use the same formula, they too can become very successful at selling.

Sales success is indeed 10 % physical and 90 % mental or attitude dependent

So what is the functional, physical or practical side to selling?

  • Effectively using a customer relations management system
  • Product Knowledge
  • Presentation skills
  • Route planning

All of the above factors are vital for achieving any level of sales success. But ultimately, sales success depends far more on a sales professionals attitude. A positive attitude is absolutely critical, if you are going to succeed at selling.

Dealing with “NO”

One thing you are always certain of in sales – You are going to hear the word “NO”. Unless you have the right attitude towards “NO”, hearing it from a future customer can be completely demoralizing and in some cases even devastating.

Hearing “NO” can force some sales people, to lower their aspirations and even force them to doubt their sales abilities. On the other hand sales professionals with the right attitude know that setbacks are only temporary and they don’t allow them to define them.

Is projecting the right attitude “NORMAL”

Highly successful sales professionals are human, just like you. They also hear those inner voices of doubt and discouragement. So, yes they also feel doubt and are even discouraged for short periods of time.

THE DIFFERENCE” – They have a great attitude and they practice mental and emotional discipline, which supports them to remain focused and to consistently look for constructive solutions to challenges that do come their way.

THE GOOD NEWS” – You too can improve your own attitude, where you can learn to optimize your own mental and emotional discipline, so that you can become more focused and driven, even when you hear “NO”, more than you want to.

Start by getting the basics right

What you think about you bring about

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you cant, both ways you are right”. Even though you may encounter a number of “NO”s”, believe in yourself and know that as soon as you make a few crucial changes, things will improve.

Learn to tell yourself a different story


Mike and Sarah, both work for the same organization. Both of them spend the afternoon on the phone, trying to make appointments.

  • Each time Mike hears another “NO” he berates himself and the doubts in his sales abilities grows.
  • Sarah on the other hand, hears a no and remains positive.

Who do you think has the best chance of getting a “YES”, whilst making those calls?

  • Mike, who allows each “NO” to make him more and more negative, which he projects on his next calls


  • Sarah, who keeps a positive attitude, which she projects on her next calls.

When you hear a “NO” in future learn to tell yourself a different story. Allow your new story to allow you to reframe your situation and focus on uncovering new actions that will support a better outcome.

  • Instead of making excuses about the state of the economy or blaming it on your new more aggressive competition.
  • Rather focus on telling yourself an empowering story that will help you to grow and remain focused and energized.

Reframe the way you see “NO” and focus your energy on find innovative new ways to overcome challenges.

Learn to improve your self-talk

Tony Robbins said, “The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of the questions you ask”. What questions come into your mind when you hear “NO”.

Do you ask questions like the ones below?

  • What is wrong with me?
  • Why do people not like me?
  • Why am I so pathetic?

As you can imagine, asking disempowering questions like the ones above can never promote the type of positive attitude you need to remain focused and driven to succeed.

Action Idea:

Prepare a few empowering questions to ask yourself after each “NO” and remind yourself to rather use these questions after each one.

I have recommended a few below, but you may need to develop a few of your own questions, which may be more suitable to your industry.

  • What did I miss, when I was probing and asking questions?
  • How can I improve the way I describe my value proposition to my future customers?
  • What can I do to differentiate myself and my product or service better in the markets I serve?
  • How can I improve my Presentation, so that it is more engaging?
  • How can I better qualify my prospects, so that I ensure that I am meeting with the right organizations, who need what I sell?

These are just a few ideas to get you started on developing your own questions. As you can imagine the disempowering questions, as stated above, will most certainly lead you down a path towards despair, whilst the empowering questions, will support you to project a far more positive attitude.






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