Optimists always Sell More (E)

OptimisticImagine two sales people are discussing their day. Both of them have not managed to close any sales that day. One says he has had a very productive day, whilst the other says he has had the worst day of his life. The sales professional, who did not close any sales, but who felt that he had, had a productive day, chose to see the silver lining in all the sales calls he had made that day. He saw opportunity, remained positive, focused and driven to succeed, whilst the other sales person, allowed himself to become overwhelmed, despondent and demotivated. Which approach, do you believe will deliver the most SALES in the future?

As Winston Churchill said’ “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Sales professional, who learn the art of remaining positive and driven in the face of daily sales challenges, will always outperform those, who allow challenges to overwhelm them. I know I am simplifying things here, but in reality, you can choose the attitude you project to the world each day. Attitude is indeed a door that opens from within.

Positive Thinking

It would be naive to believe that positive thinking and projecting a positive attitude alone, will help any sales professional to achieve success. Yes it may be naive, but I believe that it is a great place to start, when working on your ongoing sales success. My experience has shown that the sales professionals, who excel and are top performers, also encounter challenges, objections and rejection on a daily basis.

The difference between those sales people, who struggle and those who thrive is, simply this – The top sales professionals believe in themselves, they project a positive “Can Do” attitude, they persevere and they respond to challenges and setbacks from a position of positivity and strength.

Do you see yourself succeeding?

As you can imagine, optimists will outsell, pessimists every time. They see the potential and keep following through until a sale is closed, whilst pessimists, become overwhelmed by the challenges and give up. The good news is that optimism is an attitude that you can learn. Make the choice today to start looking for the silver lining in all-sales encounters and you will gradually become more optimistic. Learning to project a positive attitude will not happen in a day, but if you are willing to apply yourself daily, you will gradually become more optimistic.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change

Learn to accept the following:

  • Challenges happen to everyone and they are temporary
  • Challenges are never as bad as they seem at first
  • You have control over your environment and can mitigate any challenges
  • Believe that you will succeed and ensure that you take sufficient action daily, to achieve the sales outcomes you want.

Optimists vs. Pessimists

Statistically speaking optimists and pessimists are right about the same number of times.

  • The beauty of being an optimist though is that they get to enjoy their lives so much more.
  • They feel less stressed and overwhelmed
  • They feel far happier
  • They are more energized
  • They remain focused on their future success and ignore small failures
  • Optimists get to create all the good they become to expect
  • Optimists don’t worry about failure; they focus on their future success.

How do I become more Optimistic?

Action Idea:

To get started, the first step towards becoming more optimistic is to accept that it is possible to CHANGE. Sit and introspect for a moment and explore how much you have changed emotionally throughout your life already. I am sure that you are a very different person today, than you were five or ten years ago. The secret to starting down the path towards becoming more optimistic starts with you accepting that you can change and then all that is left to do is to consciously start projecting an optimistic attitude to the world.

Action Idea 2:

When you encounter a challenge in the future, start off by looking for ways to win, instead of why you have failed. As you start to project any negative self talk in the future, repeat a positive mantra, such as “I can overcome this temporary challenge and I will close this sale.” Of course using these words is not going to change what has occurred, but it will certainly help you to remain focused, energized and far more optimistic.

Action Idea 3:

Start to learn to use more positive language on a daily basis.

Stop using words like:

  • Impossible
  • I can’t

Replace these with words that emphasize Optimism:

  • Challenging but I know I can
  • I must and I will
  • Everything is possible
  • Challenges are temporary

Action Idea 4:

Create a positive environment.

Listen to inspirational audio books whilst you commute between sales meetings

  • Listen to uplifting positive, energetic music
  • Watch inspirational TEDx talks
  • Read Inspirational books
  • Read and listen to sales related educational audio books
  • Attend seminars on sales and sales success
  • Improve both your hard and soft selling skills

Action Idea 5:

Wake up every day driven to succeed. Set a positive intention every day by focusing on showing gratitude and appreciation for all you have achieved. As you wake up every morning focus on what you have done to get to where you are and remind yourself just how amazing you are.

Action Idea 6:

Learn to let go of mistakes. Accept that we all make mistakes and instead of dwelling on any mistakes, sit for a moment – Ask what you can learn from any mistakes you have made and then move forward.

Projecting an optimistic attitude, is indeed something you can learn. Stop being so hard on yourself and accept that you are like everyone else. Yes you make mistakes, you encounter challenges and even FAIL on occasion, but if you remain focused and driven to succeed, you will.

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