Optimise your Emotional Intelligence – Maximise your Sales Success (E)

emotional Intelligence in salesI have seen sales people with huge potential; achieve lackluster results, not because they lacked the skill to set up a meeting with the right decision maker, but because they lacked the Emotional Intelligence to understand their customers thinking styles and personality types. This meant that they misdiagnosed their future customers challenges and as a result they prescribe the wrong solution or they presented the right solution, in a way that was not clearly understood.

Developing hard selling skills

Of course it is crucial for any sale professional to develop their hard selling skills, where they learn how to:

  • Arrange meetings with the right decision makers
  • Set perfect agendas for sales meetings
  • They know how to probe effectively during sales meetings
  • They have clearly defined next steps to complete after each sales meeting
  • They follow through consistently

The challenge is that, despite doing what appears to be the right thing, most sales people just can’t seem to finalize the sale after meeting with their prospects. So yes sales-success is about flawlessly executing certain hard sales skills, but there is another element that is missing, namely having the emotional intelligence to do the following:

  • Understand their prospects and customers Thinking Styles.
    • So that they can meet them where they are
    • Better understand their specific needs and values
    • More effectively communicate with their future customers
    • Become more effective during sales meetings
    • So that they can work collaboratively with them, until they uncover the solution that is right for each future customers unique circumstances
  • Understand how to identify their future customers Decision Making Process.
    • This will help to prepare the perfect presentation that is aligned with the way their future customers make a buying decision.
    • It will also help the sales professional to prepare a tailored proposal, which speaks to each future customer in a way that will support them to make a positive buying decision
    • When they understand each customer’s unique decision-making process they can more effectively communicate with each one.
      • This will help them to more effectively connect each future customers needs with their what they have to offer.
    • Understand Different Personality Types
      • There are a number of different personality types and a one-size fit all approach does not work for all of them.
      • Sales professionals need to learn to interpret their future customers different personality types, so that they can become the chameleon, who can communicate with each personality type in a way they understand and respond to.
    • Be able to interpret their customer’s body language cues, during sales meetings, so that they can better understand how to communicate effectively with their prospects and customers?
    • Delay their gratification, so that they can plan effectively, remain focused when prospecting and keep following through for long enough, until they close each sale.
    • Learn the art of managing their emotions during sales encounters, so that they are better prepared to handle pressure during sales calls.
    • Become more effective at showing real caring for their customers, so that they can optimize their ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and prospects.

The importance of Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Of course there are easy sales to complete, but unfortunately these are in the minority. The majority of prospects you will encounter will not think like you do, they will have different personality types to you and they will have a very different decision making process to your own. So if you want to improve your closing ratio and optimize your sales performance and results, you need to develop your Emotional Intelligence.

Think about the following:

  • What happens in a sales meeting if you encounter a really aggressive prospect? Do you have the emotional intelligence to manage your emotions and stay focused or do you get flustered and engage in a product dump?
  • What happens if you are a matter of fact person and you encounter a future customer, who is pedantic and wants buckets, of what you believe is pointless information? Do you have the emotional intelligence to become the chameleon and meet them where they are?
  • What happens if you encounter a future customer, who is a nurturing type and they require you to be more empathetic and to show caring? Do you have the emotional intelligence to be more empathetic?

I cannot express strongly enough, just how important it is for sales professionals to develop their Emotional Intelligence. Yes of course it is important to develop your hard sales skills, so that you can find new opportunities, meet with the right decision makers and ask them all the right questions, but unless you are able to connect with each future customer, where they are, closing sales will be really difficult.

Until you learn to develop your emotional intelligence, your future customers will feel like they are being interrogated, rather than feeling like they are meeting with a trusted advisor, who is there with their best interests at heart. Partnerships can only be forged, when you connect with your future customers and communicate with them in a way that is aligned with their personality type, thinking style and decision making process.

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