Leveraging Knowledge for Sales Success (E)

Sales Training South Africa KnowledgeI have been a student of sales since 1990. Since then I have read a number of books, listened to audio books and attended a number of seminars on sales. My greatest teacher though, has been the practical experience I have gained from running my own businesses. It was in the laboratory of my businesses that I learned how to synthesize all the theory around sales and sales techniques, into something practical that worked for my specific sales style and circumstances.

Uncover what works best for you

The models taught to sales professionals have changed over the years from:

  • Manipulation in the 70’s
  • Relational sales in the eighties and nineties
  • Collaborative and partnership selling today

The secret though is to explore as many different models as possible and to uncover, which parts work best for you, your thinking style and the markets where you operate.

Readers become leaders in their field

I have read hundreds of sales books over the years. The truth is that not all of them offered me a wow moment, but most of them sparked a new idea in my head, which I altered and then utilized in my own businesses. This is what I would like to recommend for you to do too.

Every bit of learning or reading that you engage in will serve you in some way. Each sales book you read offers some sort of valuable information and when you read them, you will inspire new thoughts, new ways of approaching sales and you will uncover new innovative ideas that will help you to consistently add meaningful value to your customers.

Commit to Lifelong learning

Remember that consistent learning, leads to exponential personal growth and ultimately to an increase in your sales performance and results. The secret to make this work for you is to ensure that you set time aside every day to read, listen to audio books and that you enroll to attend as many seminars on sales as reasonable. After reading, listening to audio books or attending seminars, explore the information and uncover the specific parts that are of value to you.

Explore all the knowledge and information you glean and try to see how it can help you to optimize the way you operate.

  • How can you integrate it to help you to improve your current skill set
  • How ill the new knowledge help you to better serve and interact with your customers.
  • How can you innovate and better integrate into the markets you serve?
  • How can the new knowledge help you in your specific work environment?

As you invest time every day to read or listen to audio books, have an open mind and constantly look for ways to tweak the info to suite you and your specific circumstances. I know from my own experience that I will never use or integrate a new idea into my routine, unless I am 100 % comfortable with it. Unless it fits my personality, thinking style or specific circumstances completely, I wont use it.

Action Idea:

The secret to make your reading and listening experiences work for you is to “HAVE AN OPEN MIND”. Stop reading or listening to something and telling yourself you know that. Instead explore each idea and ask yourself if you are doing it. If you are not, then ask another question, “HOW CAN I INCLUDE THIS NEW BEHAVIOUR IN MY DAILY SALES ROUTINE”?

A simple tool to help you to do this effectively is to use a technique I learned from Jack Canfield. As you read or listen to any new sales knowledge, consistently ask yourself


As you actively read and listen to new info and you practice asking the above questions, you will start to gain huge benefit from all the reading and listening you do.

Most of the messages, tools and concepts offered in books, audio books and seminars, come from experts in the field of sales. They have actual experience and have used the sales tools, techniques and skills offered, to build their own sales success. I suggest that you stand on the shoulders of these giants and adopt, adapt and integrate their ideas, into your own sales routines, so that you too can become a top sales professional.


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