Developing a Winning Sales Team

Sales PerformanceSales success is all about ensuring that your sales team performs enough of the right sales activities daily. This is what the top 10 – 20 % of sales professionals get right on a daily basis and that is why they manage to achieve the required sales quotas year after year.

They have a winning recipe or said differently they are very clear on “How” they need to function on a daily basis, in order to achieve the outcomes they want.

  • They have a set of daily behaviours, which are aligned with achieving the required sales outcomes.
  • These daily behaviours have become their entrenched Sales Success Habit set.
  • Their sales success habit set allows them to perform all the crucial sales activities on autopilot.

Empower the middle to optimize Sales Teams performance

My experience has shown me that most CEO’s worry about those 40 – 60 % of their sales people, who perform below the level of their top performers. The top 10 – 20 % of sales professionals have a winning formula and despite selling the same product or service, to similar markets and customers, with the same administrative requirements, as the other 80 % of the sales team, they always manage to smash their sales targets.

Uncover the daily routines of your top performers

Invest the time to uncover the winning routines performed by your top sales performers and invest the time to equip the rest of your sales team with these habits and you will have discovered the way to support your entire sales team to greatness.

How do you get more of your sales team to consistently achieve their numbers?

Action Idea:

There are a number of ways to uncover the daily routines of your top performers.

  • Get the top performers to document their daily winning behaviours.
  • Get someone to follow the top sales performers for 14 days and carefully document everything they do.
  • Use a questionnaire and assessment process to unlock the behavioural patterns or daily routines used by your top performers.
  • For optimal results, I recommend that you use all three methods, stated above.

Once you have unlocked the daily routines of your top performers, you now have a blue print for sales success. This recipe for sales success or the daily behavioural pattern, which you uncover, is the road map that the rest of your sales team can use to achieve similar results.

Training your sales team to adopt the new Routines

Training your whole sales team to adopt the new daily sales routines and to over time convert these into their new sales success habit set, is a process and can best be achieved as follows:

  • Develop a “HOW TO” toolbox, which contains all the tools, techniques and daily behaviours, which you top performers use daily.
  • The leadership team must take an active role in supporting and coaching your sales team on an ongoing basis.
  • Conduct a number of workshops, spaced between 30 – 45 days apart to ensure that you do not overwhelm your sales team with too much information.
  • Between these workshops consistently remind your team “HOW” they need to perform daily.
    • This can be achieved with daily reminders
      • Emails reminders
      • Whatsapp reminders
      • Daily informational reminders
      • Listening to special designed audio books on their commute
    • Utilse a blended approach to training and create a tailored eLearning process to support your sales team members to adopt the new sales behaviours.
      • The eLearning solution should consist of videos to allow the sales professionals to learn using both auditory and visual cues, to encourage learning and engagement.
      • The eLearning solution, should also consist of audio recordings to encourage the use of auditory cues. to promote learning and engagement
      • The eLearning solution should also consist of carefully crafted questions, which need to be answered to the sales professional to engage with the training on a kinesthetic level, to encourage learning and engagement.

By using a combination of coaching, workshops, audio books, reminders and the eLearning solution, you will gradually equip all your sales team members with all the tools, skills and daily routines they need to succeed. The research is sound in this regard. Once your sales team participates in this training and coaching process for a period of three months, they will over time develop a new sales success habit set that will optimize their sales performance. They will all eventually perform the right sales activities daily, as if on autopilot.

Developing a Sales Charter

The next thing you want to do is uncover the thinking styles, decision-making processes and personality types of your top sales performers. Although this is not a perfect science, once you have an understanding around these three areas, you will be better equipped to hire new sales staff in the future. You will know what thinking style; decision-making process and personality type is the most suitable to your market and customer needs and expectations.

Action Idea:

Once you have an understanding around the following:

  • The daily routines your sales team needs to perform to succeed
  • You are clear on the ideal thinking style of the ideal sales person in your industry
  • You understand, which decision making process is best suited to your market conditions
  • You know, which personality type is most suitable to function optimally in your organization, markets and industry

All the above information will support you to ensure that you only hire the most suitable sales professionals, in the future. These sales people will perform optimally in your organization and industry. Once you have identified the most suitable candidates, using the above criterion, the next step is to ensure they have the right work ethic to ensure long-term sales success.

The way I recommend that you do this is as follows:

  • Ask the candidate for their dairy
  • Examine their dairy – an empty dairy is a clear sign that a sales person is not a top performer.
  • Secondly, if the sales person has a full dairy, ask them for the reason or purpose for each call.
  • A sales person, who has a full dairy and who has a purpose for every call will become a top performer.

Employing the perfect sales professionals

Using the above criterion, namely:

  • Thinking styles
  • Decision making processes
  • Personality types
  • A full dairy
  • Someone, who has a purpose for every call
  • Your gut feel as to how well the candidate will be equipped to perform the required daily sales success recipe as defined before, to select any new sales professionals in the future. Means that you will hire much better sales people in future.

When you unlock the winning habits of your top sales performers, you coach and train the rest of your sales team to adopt these winning routines, you develop a sales charter to define the most suitable thinking styles, decision making processes and personality types and you only hire sales people with a full dairy and a purpose for every call, you will have a winning sales team.

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