Are your Customers Really “KING”? (E)

customer serviceIt astounds me to see how many businesses provide really poor levels of service to their customers and believe that they can get away with it. Customers have become far more sophisticated and they have far higher expectations around service than ever before. If your business wants to thrive into the future, service is not a luxury and a nice to have; it has to become the cornerstone of your business culture. Customers do indeed have to become the core of your business focus, if you want to keep growing your business.

Is bad service a reality?

It astounds me to hear stories from friends and collogues, where they tell me horror stories about poor service they have received. Just the other day, my wife was on a domestic flight to Durban. She was flying with an international carrier. Her seat belt was caked with dirt that had been left to dry over a couple of days. Despite her writing to the airline concerned, she is yet to receive a response from them. How is poor service like this even possible?

I also often hear stories from people about unpleasant or even nasty experiences, which they encounter, when they try to resolve even a small challenge, which they have experienced. Believe it or not I have even heard stories from people, who have been sent away, after waiting a long time, because the companies computers have gone off line. I am sure that we have all experienced the proverbial journey from one person to the next, as you try to get answers to a challenge, which you are experiencing or having the person on the other side cut you off, so you have to start all over again. How do these organizations stay in business?

If you don’t love your customers – Why are you in business?

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Every minute that passes is gone forever. How can anyone possibly engage in a business or allow themselves to be employed in a job, where they do not LOVE what they do?

When do you believe that you should be happy?

  • At happy hour on a Friday evening after hating all five long days at work.
  • During those three short weeks of vacation each year, after slogging it out at a job you hate for the rest of the 49 weeks of the year?

It astounds me to see how many people allow themselves to be trapped in “JOBS” they hate, performing activities that do not stimulate them.

Action Idea:

Accept that happiness is a choice and that if you want things to change, all you have to do is “Change” the way you look at things.


You are engaged in a job, where you are required to provide service to customers, but you really dislike what you do, so you find it difficult to be happy doing what you do. You spend your time grumbling your way through your day, unhappy and discontent. You are unhappy and so is anyone who comes in contact with you. You are the proverbial unhappy person, who only enjoys vacation time and weekends.

What a sad state of affairs. When 90% of your life is spent in a bubble of discontent. All that is required to find meaning and contentment in what you do, is one decision away. Choose to stop only finding ways to get “THROUGH” your day. Instead look at what you do with a fresh set of eyes and start to look for ways to “GET AS MUCH FROM EACH DAY” as possible. Yes it is that simple.

Make a better decision and start to look for ways to have fun and be happy all the time and your life will change. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. When you do this not only will you live a far more fulfilling life, but the customers you come in contact with will experience a far greater level of service too.

Leaders need to be the Example to their team

Remember that if you are a leader of a team, who provides service to your customers, then you need to be the shining light. You need to set the example of how it is possible to find meaning, joy and fulfillment in what you do. Set the tone and bring the smiles, energy and commitment into the office every day. Show your team that having fun and being happy at work is not only possible, but it is beneficial too.

When you deal with customers smile and show your commitment to be of service. Yes there are difficult customers, who can be very demanding, but when you show a real commitment to be of service and when you project an energetic and authentic willingness listen, people will very quickly change their demeanor.

Learn to love what you do, until you can do what you love

Remember that loving what you do is a choice. Make the better choice today, to stop wasting so much of your life on being unhappy and discontent. Instead find ways to bring joy, fun and happiness into what you do. This will help you to very quickly improve your life. Instead of only being happy 10 % of the time, you can switch this around and you can be happy 90 % of the time. This sounds like a no-brainer to me. Not only will your life immediately change for the better, but you will also get to provide far better levels of service to your customers. Win – Win.

Only once you have chosen to be happy doing what you do, can you move to the next step, which is where you get to do what you love to do. Moving towards doing what you love to do, is a gradual process. It is not going to happen in a day, but if you take small steps daily to gradually gain all the skills, knowledge and education you need to move into the new role. Over time do what you will get to move away from the role, which is not a perfect fit for you, into one that is more suited to you and your personality. To achieve this you will need to do the following:

  • Explore your world and discover what you would really love to do.
  • Uncover what skills, knowledge and qualifications you will need to fill the new role.
  • Develop a plan to acquire all the skills, knowledge and qualifications you need.
  • Work daily to make the necessary changes and over time you will become the person you need to be to do what you love.

The secret to make this work for you is to first learn to love what you do and then over time to do whatever it takes to eventually do what you love. Life really is too short to be unhappy at work. Make the choice to be happy and both you and your customers will win in the end.

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