Industry leading, life changing,  sales training, to optimise your Sales Tomorrow.

We successfully teach, practical sales training solutions that work.

  • Is your Sales Teams performance below expectations or is your competition outselling you, even though you have excellent products and services?
  • Would you like to grow your sales and profitability, dramatically and improve your Sales Teams performance and results?
  • Are you looking for industry leading Sales Training, which teaches your sales team to develop new sales success habits?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place. We offer industry leading sales training that will teach your sales team, all the Sales Skills they need to optimise their ability to create an effective sales network, communicate their value effectively and ultimately to close far more sales.

We are here to make your sales tomorrow better.

Get To know Encore Group

Get to Know Encore

Encore Group (Pty) LTD is the brainchild of Andrew Horton. Between 1992 and 2004, he purchased struggling businesses of varying sizes. His approach to turn these businesses from loss to profit was simple. He firstly reduced costs as far as possible and secondly he delivered a practical sales training solution, which helped his sales teams become more efficient, effective and productive. This very innovative and practical sales training supported his sales teams to optimise their ability to achieve meaningful sales results.

In 2004, after receiving numerous requests from other organisations for support to offer sales training to thier sales teams, as they had observed the great results he was achieving with his own sales teams, Andrew decided to form a training organisation to meet the demand.

This was a natural progression as Andrew has always had a real passion for adult education and saw this as an opportunity to combine his skills a sales trainer with his passion for adult education. Since 2004 he has changed his focus from buying, repairing and selling his own businesses, to one where he now consults and trains a number of organisations sales and leadership teams.

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What we offer Encore Group

What we Offer?

Each “Sales Training Solution” your sales team attends is, effective, powerful and meaty. They are simple, engaging and interactive, but never simplistic. They’re designed to give your sales professionals a highly potent dose of targeted sales training, and then to quickly get them back to their real job – selling!

Our objective when delivering any of our sales training solutions, is to support your sales team to improve their ability to close more sales and to teach them new sales behaviours, which they turn into daily sales routines. Over time these will become their new Sales Success Habits, which will enable them to perform all the crucial sales activities they need to perform on autopilot.

Our gradual approach to sales training, allows the sales team to actually learn, organise and apply the knowledge and skills they learn. They learn an optimal number of new behaviours at each workshop and then cement this knowledge once the workshop is over, with audio books, Online Sales Training and other support mechanisms.

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Why choose us Encore Group

Why Choose us?

We offer you the opportunity to participate in our sales training programs in one of four ways as listed below:

  • Online Sales Training Solution
  • One or two day workshops
  • Three Month Sales Training Solution (100% Money Back Guarantee)
  • Long-term Sales Training Solution

We provide them with support materials in the form of audio books, online training, daily inspirational messages, SMS reminders, email follow ups, positive affirmations, reminder emails, accountability partnerships and many other support mechanisms.

These tools allow your sales team the time they need, to turn the sales tools into new behaviours, which we guide them to convert into daily routines and finally over time, these routines become their new sales success habit set.

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What we do

3-Month Sales Training Solution

3-Month Sales Training Solution

Industry leading, life changing, sales intensive 3 month interactive Sales Training Solution, to create the sales tomorrow, you have only dared dream about, until now..

Motivational Sales Speakers

Motivational Sales Speakers

Life changing motivational and Inspirational Keynote Presentations, delivered by industry leading motivational speakers…

1 - 2 Day Sales Training Workshop

1 – 2 Day Sales Training Workshop

Our One to two day Sales Training workshops will optimise your “Sales Tomorrow”, by equipping your sales team, with all the basic sales skills they need, to become top sales performers.

Online Sales Training Solution

Online Sales Training Solution

We provide you with stimulating, industry leading, interactive Online Sales Training solutions, which are accessible to you 24-7-365

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